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Module on Defining the New Normal: the Impact of COVID-19, climate change and digitalisation

How can the EIB better support businesses coping with the changes due to COVID-19, climate change and digitalisation?

The supplementary module focuses on the impact of COVID-19, climate change and digitalisation on businesses in the services and manufacturing sectors. The aim of this research is to better understand the challenges businesses face in relation to COVID-19, climate change and digitalisation, how they see the future and what governments could do to help them. It will help the EIB Group to improve and extend the reach of its products and services, better tailoring them to the needs of municipalities.

Who is invited to take part?

This survey aims to interview the most senior person in municipalities with responsibility for infrastructure investment decisions and how these are financed. This person could for example be the mayor, treasurer or chief civil engineer.

Preparing for the survey

To help you select the right person in your municipality to participate, and prepare for the interview, we have created a pre-interview questions sheet. Other participants have told us it is helpful to see these questions in advance.

What reassurances can we give about the survey?

We would like to reassure those taking part in the survey that:

If you have any doubt or would like more information about the survey, please contact Rebecca Gera at Misco Malta (rgera@miscomalta.com) or Julie Delanote at the European Investment Bank (eibis@eib.org).